The Journey From The Ancient Text
Toward Spiritual Transformation

Navigating An Ancient Faith will focus around exploring the original context of scripture (ancient faith) and thus a correct application of how we live it out in today’s world (navigating the journey).  There are many ways to explore the meaning of the Bible, but we will focus primarily on these areas:

Original Context

Worldview (Philosophy)
Stories (Mythology)
Culture (Archaeology)

Modern Application

Healing (Psychology)
Meaning (Theology)
Transformation (Spiritual Practices)


One way to understand the original context of the Bible is to explore the sites, walk the streets, and take in the structures and statues. On the Explore page, we will bring you photos, articles, and research that will shed light on some of the places mentioned in the Bible.

  • Corinth
  • Colossae
  • Ephesus
  • Athens
  • Jerusalem

… and more to come!

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This space will be a place – a resource center – for those who share a similar interest in the context of scripture and walking the journey toward spiritual transformation.

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